Top 10 Hospitals to Work for in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, presents many prospects for healthcare professionals seeking fulfilling careers. Working in a hospital offers an incredible opportunity to affect people’s lives positively. Fortunately, the city boasts a multitude of exceptional hospitals that provide rewarding experiences. Without further ado, here are the top 10 hospitals in Portland.

1. Shriners Children’s Portland

Specializing in pediatric care, Shriners Children’s Portland is conveniently located on SW Sam Jackson Park Rd. The hospital offers a supportive work environment and career growth opportunities, making it an ideal choice for professionals passionate about children’s health.

2. Gateway Medical Building

Gateway Medical Building, on NE Gilsan St, provides comprehensive medical services. It’s a great place to work for those who value teamwork and patient-centered care.

3. Randall Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Randall Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on N Vancouver Ave is well-known for its specialized child care. It provides a challenging yet rewarding environment for healthcare professionals dedicated to pediatric care.

4. Adventist Medical Center Cardiovascular Unit

On SE Main St, the Adventist Medical Center Cardiovascular Unit delivers top-tier cardiovascular care. This unit offers an enriching work experience for professionals keen on advancing their knowledge in cardiology.

5. Providence Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Portland

Providence Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Portland, on NE Gilsan St, is a leader in newborn care. The unit is a fulfilling workplace for those committed to providing exceptional care for neonates.

6. Legacy Trauma Care – Emanuel

Legacy Trauma Care – Emanuel The hospital offers a dynamic work environment, perfect for those seeking a fast-paced career in trauma care.

7. OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute South Waterfront

Located on S Bond Ave, the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute South Waterfront is a prestigious institution in heart care. It’s an ideal workplace for healthcare professionals specializing in cardiovascular medicine.

8. Pearl Surgicenter

Pearl Surgicenter, nestled on NW 14th Ave, focuses on surgical care. The center provides a collaborative work environment, making it a top choice for professionals interested in surgical specialties.

9. Landmark Health

Landmark Health provides quality healthcare services at NE Multnomah St. The hospital values its employees, fostering a positive work culture conducive to professional development. Landmark Health delivers exceptional patient care and improves the community’s overall well-being with its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team.

10. Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland provides exceptional and tailored medical services, making it an ideal workplace for those committed to delivering patient-centered care. With state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive team, it strives to create an environment where our patients and staff can thrive.

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