Top 10 Assisted Living Facilities To Work For Portland, Oregon

At Actriv Healthcare, we understand the importance of finding the right workplace to foster your healthcare career. As one of the top healthcare employers, we are dedicated to connecting healthcare professionals with the best Portland healthcare employers. Today, we’re focusing on the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, and its thriving healthcare sector.

Portland is home to some of the finest Oregon medical facilities, offering diverse opportunities for healthcare jobs in Portland. This post will compare Portland healthcare employers, specifically assisted living facilities, that stand out as excellent workplaces.

1. West Hills Village Senior Residence:

Renowned for its compassionate care and professional staff, West Hills Village Senior Residence is an ideal place to explore healthcare job openings in Portland.

2. Raleigh Hills Assisted Living:

With a strong emphasis on creating a homely environment for its residents, Raleigh Hills offers rewarding healthcare careers in Oregon.

3. Miramont Pointe:

This facility stands out for its innovative approach to senior care, making it one of the top healthcare employers in the region.

4. Emerson House:

Specializing in memory care, Emerson House provides a unique opportunity for those seeking to make a difference in dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

5. MacDonald Residence:

MacDonald Residence is known for its focus on providing a supportive community for adults with complex needs, offering enriching experiences for its staff.

6. All Comfort Residential Care:

If you’re passionate about providing personalized care, All Comfort Residential Care is worth considering when finding healthcare employment in Oregon.

7. Terwilliger Terrace Assisted Living Facility:

A smaller community with a big heart, it provides a close-knit environment for its residents and employees.

8. Avamere at Bethany Assisted Living Facility:

As part of the Avamere Family of Companies, this facility offers excellent career growth opportunities.

9. Russellville Park:

Russellville Park, a Leisure Care community, provides an upscale working environment focusing on whole-person wellness.

10. NorthWest Place:

This senior living community offers its residents a vibrant, active environment and a rewarding work experience for its staff.

These Portland healthcare employers contribute significantly to the Oregon healthcare job market. Our analysis of the Portland healthcare job market shows promising job prospects in the Oregon healthcare sector, particularly in assisted living facilities. Nursing careers in Oregon hospitals and assisted living facilities are in high demand, offering competitive salaries and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the job prospects in the Oregon healthcare sector? The job prospects in the Oregon healthcare sector are promising, particularly in assisted living facilities and hospitals.
  2. How can I find healthcare employment in Oregon? Actriv Healthcare can assist you in finding healthcare employment in Oregon by matching you with suitable jobs in your desired area.
  3. Are there any employee reviews of Portland healthcare companies? You can find employee reviews of Portland healthcare companies on various job search and company review websites.

Whether you’re just starting your healthcare career or looking for new opportunities, explore the top assisted living facilities in Portland, Oregon, and find your dream job today with Actriv Healthcare!