The Vital Importance of Your Network

The Vital Importance of Your Network

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “networking is important,” which may cause an immediate eye roll. But reframing the importance of networking is essential. Building community and fostering the value of your village can produce benefits not only in professional life but also in personal life. Here are some more insights that illustrate the vital importance of your network.

What is Networking?

To put it simply, networking is the process in which we make professional connections and build relationships to enhance professional development. It can help you land a new job, provide answers, and needed advice, boost contacts within your industry, and help you make educated choices about career moves.

Nowadays, networking can occur in many ways, from web-based tech offering online events via app-based platforms to one-on-one organic conversations with people that you interact with daily. Leaning into new introductions and existing relationships can be beneficial in the most obvious ways, but surprising ways too.

Reframing Traditional Ideals of Networking

Let’s set aside the standard networking notion of “meet people in your industry to help you get a leg up in your career path.” While that is undoubtedly an important aspect, there are other surprising benefits of meeting others and taking advantage of those opportunities.

  • Lean on Your Network: Family, friends, and other members of your immediate network can be overlooked when examining traditional networking ideas. These individuals are already in your life for good reason: to support and uplift you. Lean on them!
  • Build Community: Leverage experiences that allow you to connect with like-minded individuals you wouldn’t typically have access to. Technology will enable us to broaden our net, providing more control and opportunity for enhanced personal and professional relationships. While leaning on existing relationships is crucial, so is building new ones.

Why Should I Care About A Network?

As healthcare professionals, it is deeply ingrained within each of us to care for our patients deeply. However, as rewarding as it may be, nursing is also wildly challenging. To push the healthcare industry forward, we must create relationships that help us better care for ourselves and our immediate communities. Ditch the old way of thinking about networking and embrace, support, and uplift those around you. The result will be significant.

People who don’t actively engage when networking opportunities arise miss out on a world of personal and professional development. Remember, networking isn’t about selling; it’s about building long-lasting relationships with people in your life that can make a beneficial impact over time. When times get tough, or when times call for celebration, having a ready-made village can improve those moments. You can rest easy knowing long-lasting support is always nearby.

Start building your community today. Actriv Healthcare is here to help you make an impact, access a broadened network, and gain freedom within your healthcare career.