The Top 10 Skilled Nursing Facilities to Work for in Portland

In this guide, we present the top 10 nursing homes that excel in resident care and provide a stimulating work environment for healthcare professionals. When it comes to healthcare, Portland, Oregon is a gem with an array of high-quality facilities, particularly in skilled nursing. These facilities prioritize resident well-being and independence, making them ideal workplaces.

1. Alpine House-Senior Skilled Care Living

Alpine House is a small, intimate facility emphasizing personalized care and resident well-being. Its family-like ambiance makes it a nurturing workplace for healthcare professionals.

2. Marquis Mill Park Post Acute Rehab

Marquis Mill Park distinguishes itself with its specialized programs, including memory care and cardiac rehabilitation. Its modern facilities and emphasis on resident engagement make it an appealing place to work.

3. Avamere at Park Place

Avamere at Park Place, an award-winning facility, is renowned for its excellent staff-to-resident ratio. The focus here is on promoting resident independence and fostering a supportive work environment for healthcare staff.

4. Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Reedwood

Prestige Care and Rehabilitation of Reedwood, located in Portland, Oregon, is renowned as one of the top skilled nursing facilities to work for in the area. With its commitment to excellence and a supportive work environment, it offers healthcare professionals an opportunity to advance their careers while making a significant impact on patient lives.

5. Avalon Care Center Portland

Avalon Care Center Portland, with its warm brick façade and inviting entryway, beckons as more than just a skilled nursing facility – it’s a haven for resident comfort and a springboard for fulfilling careers in healthcare.

6. East Portland Care Center

Nestled just minutes from downtown Portland, East Portland Care Center isn’t just a place to heal, it’s a launchpad for professional growth. Here, your dedication to skilled nursing thrives in a collaborative environment where resident well-being reigns supreme.

Modern facilities and a focus on individualized care plans empower residents to reclaim their independence, while you gain invaluable experience alongside a supportive team. Ready to make a mark in Portland’s dynamic healthcare scene? East Portland Care Center might be the perfect fit.

7. Arcadia Senior Living

At Arcadia Senior Living, your days are filled with meaningful moments. You’re not just providing care, you’re becoming an integral part of a vibrant community where residents thrive and your passion for senior care flourishes. Arcadia fosters a positive, collaborative environment where your skills blossom. Individualized care plans ensure you make a real difference in residents’ lives, while a supportive team champions your professional growth.

8. Legacy Meridian Park

At Marquis Centennial, your dedication to compassionate care finds fertile ground. Imagine a supportive team environment where personalized plans empower residents to thrive, and your skills blossom alongside continuous learning and collaboration. More than just a skilled nursing facility, Marquis Centennial is a vibrant community where your passion makes a genuine difference in each resident’s life.

9. Rose Linn Care Center & Rose Linn Vintage Place

Rose Linn Care Center & Rose Linn Vintage Place is a dynamic community offering assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. It provides a vibrant work environment, focusing on resident activities and engagement.

10. Glendoveer Adult Care Home

Forget cookie-cutter nursing homes. Glendoveer Adult Care Home is a warm, family-like setting where your compassion blossoms beside dedicated colleagues. Here, individualized care plans aren’t just checklists, they’re opportunities to build genuine connections and empower residents to thrive.

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