The Benefits of Getting a Nursing Certification

The Benefits of Getting a Nursing Certification

Becoming a nurse and gaining related experience working in the field requires a lot of time and dedication. Obtaining a nursing certification on top of this is something that may not appeal to some nurses. But getting a nurse certification does have its benefits. This post offers an overview of what a certification can do for a registered nurse’s career.

Certifications Equal Knowledge

Think of a certification as the next step after getting a nursing degree. Getting a nursing certification demonstrates nursing knowledge and skills in a certain area of practice. A certification also shows that the nurse who holds it can learn and adapt to changing requirements in nursing practice when they re-certify.

Desired Among Employers

It goes without saying that employers want to have certified nurses working for them, particularly in hospitals. Nursing certifications help contribute to the professionalism of company culture. They are also an important part of marketing for hospitals and other health care organizations. Certified nurses are one way that health care companies can demonstrate to patients that they have skilled and educated nurses. In fact, 90% of nurse managers reported that they would hire a certified nurse over one who isn’t certified.

Increase in Pay

Because certifications are something employers want their nurses to have, they tend to pay them more for it. A salary survey showed that base salaries were higher for certified nurses compared to their non-certified counterparts. Some employers will provide differential hourly pay for certified nurses.

Improved Decision-Making for Nurses

Another benefit of getting a nursing certification is that they help nurses make clinical decisions more confidently. Certifications also help nurses feel more satisfied in their work and contributed to experiencing personal growth.

Reducing risk is also a benefit for nurses and employers that certifications bring. They allow nurses to make better informed decisions. As a result, some insurance companies actually offer discounts on malpractice insurance policies for nurses who hold certain certifications.

Certifications Help Patients

Certifications make nurses better, which in turn, helps their patients. Nurses who are certified are armed with the knowledge that helps them care for patients more effectively and improve the delivery of care.

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