Pioneering Compassionate Care with Advanced Technology

At Actriv, we are revolutionizing the healthcare industry with a compassionate approach. Consequently, leveraging advanced technology to empower healthcare professionals to pursue their passion, matching them with shifts that harmonize with their lifestyles. As a result, our commitment extends to healthcare facilities. Ensuring they always have on-demand shift coverage to provide exceptional patient care.

As a healthcare technology company, we embrace innovation, including apps that make life easier for everyone-from healthcare professionals to patients. Thus, coming up with this blog to help healthcare professionals stay ahead of the game, keep reading to learn about top medical apps!

Actriv App: Your Gateway to Flexible Healthcare Opportunities

Our Actriv app is a groundbreaking tool in healthcare. As a matter of fact, its innovative features dynamic location search, real-time push notifications, seamless user interface, and extensive search radius bring convenience to your fingertips. As a result, we are in Washington, Idaho, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia finding shifts that suit your schedule has never been easier. Traveling? No problem! Our app can find shifts up to 1,000 miles away.

Micromedex: Empowering Informed Decisions in Patient Care

Micromedex is a trusted companion for healthcare professionals and provides comprehensive information on drugs, diseases, acute care, and toxicology. Hence with its vast user-friendly database, Micromedex is an invaluable resource for informed decision-making in patient care. Subsequently, accessible anytime, anywhere, this robust platform ensures healthcare professionals have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips for delivering the highest standard of care.

Epocrates: Instant Information for Efficient Healthcare

Epocrates helps healthcare professionals save time by delivering instant information about drug interactions, pill identification, and clinical practice guidelines. Ultimately, on a hectic day, it is your go-to resource for quick answers. Additionally, Epocrates offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive database streamlining the workflow and enhancing decision-making in the medical field.

Medscape and Medpulse: Stay Updated, Stay Ahead

The Medscape app is primarily a drug, disease, and treatment reference resource, with point-of-care decision-making tools. The MedPulse app allows for more personalization so that you can stay on top of the specialties and topics you’re most interested in. Therefore, with Medscape and Medpulse, healthcare professionals can keep up with the latest medical news, expert perspectives, and continuing education. Therefore they are the perfect tools for those who want to stay ahead in their field.

Fitbit: Beyond Fitness – A Lifestyle Companion

Fitbit isn’t just a fitness tracker. It promotes healthier lifestyle choices and provides crucial sleep, activity, and heart rate data. Similarly, it is designed to keep you close to your goals, boost your motivation, and show your progress on your health and fitness journey as a healthcare provider. On the other hand, Fitbit has a user-friendly interface making it easy for individuals to monitor and track their progress toward their health goals.

MDCalc: Simplifying Complex Medical Calculations.

MDCalc is a free online medical reference that provides the essential tools for healthcare professionals. Thus simplifies complex medical calculations and decision algorithms. In essence, MDCalc assists nurses in making more informed, efficient decisions in patient care.

Doximity: Connecting Healthcare Professionals

Doximity is a professional network for U.S. healthcare professionals, offering features like HIPAA-secure communication, custom-curated medical news, and career management tools. It’s a must-have app for staying connected and informed in the healthcare industry.

At Actriv Healthcare, we’re on a mission to reshape the healthcare industry with compassion and dedication. Furthermore, our goal is to cultivate a caring environment. We believe in going beyond the status quo and pushing the boundaries of healthcare to make a genuine impact on the world.

Join our team of passionate healthcare professionals and be part of a healthcare revolution. Let’s shape the future of patient care together. Start with Actriv today. Your mission-driven career starts here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Actriv App, and how does it benefit healthcare professionals?

The Actriv App is a revolutionary healthcare tool that empowers healthcare professionals to find shifts that match their schedules and lifestyles with innovative features like dynamic location search and real-time push notifications.

  1. I am a travel Nurse, can I use the Actriv App to find shifts in different locations?

Yes, absolutely! In addition, The Actriv App offers an extensive search radius that can help nurses find shifts even when they’re up to 1,000 miles from their usual location.

  1. How can I get started with Actriv App?

To start with the Actriv App, simply download it from your app store, create an account, and explore healthcare opportunities that align with your preferences and schedule.